Sunday, August 28, 2005

the story...

dot’s room’ was an installation at seventh gallery in Fitzroy… the audience was invited to a party as an opportunity to glimpse inside the room of dot, our renegade girl on the street…

… we undertook to create a room for her to live and work from for her time in Melbourne. we told artists and friends of her imminent arrival and invited them to help furnish her room with art & gifts of welcome. for two weeks the elusive dot moved into the gallery, leaving a trail of sightings & rumours, mystery & dead ends around the town.

the large attendance at the opening created an authentic house party experience within the realm of a fictional person and her effects… since this introduction her persona developed far beyond our initial proposal and her room became a playhouse for two weeks. loud music was heard at all hours of the night, people were seen dancing and giggling from the street outside… mornings were late, and afternoons found people lying on her bed talking

stepping into dot’s room you saw her desk with a typewriter, dominos & dice, her golden bed. her letters. her photos. her jewels. her clothes strewn about, champagne corks, a vinyl collection & trash… a picture of a living breathing girl in the world…. we had an overwhelming response from the audience, an interest in who she could be, where she could be. how does she look and talk and walk? what is she doing & why is she never home?

in our rooms we surround ourselves with the things that make us happy…nostalgic memories, letters, treasures & junk, images, books, records, mixtapes. visitors have the opportunity to glimpse into our worlds. see a space that reflects how we see ourselves and please ourselves.

what about dot’s room… if you never met her? how does she become real for you..

what makes her tick



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